Vittorio Sgarbi focuses on NFTs, the new frontier of collecting

The historian and art critic: «Anyone, not just the wealthy, can become the owner of a unique masterpiece»

ROME - Vittorio Sgarbi is the promoter, together with an Italian technological partner, of an innovative project on the so-called "NFT" linked to art and therefore to collecting. 

The historian and art critic has selected some of the most representative artists on the national scene with the aim of promoting their works in this new digital frontier. 
The works of art will be available to the public in the form of "NFT", creating a winning combination of art and technology. Anyone will be able to own a work of art in the form of a unique digital piece, with a new technology that, already widespread throughout the world, becomes in fact an exceptional tool for the protection and enhancement of Italy's artistic heritage.

What are NFTs?

"NFT" stands for "Non Fungible Token". In a nutshell, it is a digital certificate made using blockchain technology, which certifies the ownership of an asset and guarantees its uniqueness and authenticity: words which, in the world of art, take on a profound meaning. 
NFTs therefore enable collectors and investors to own a unique, non-replicable and certified digital asset: a tool to protect creators in defence of their copyright, and buyers who thus obtain a unique and certified work.

The company developing the project

For this innovative project Vittorio Sgarbi entrusted the company "Apeiron Technologies", managed by Francesco Biacchi and Alessandro Tentoni with partners Eros Alfani and Andrea Costella.
The company was set up to offer consultancy and innovative solutions linked to blockchain technology, with partners and projects of excellence. 
This technology," says Sgarbi, "dematerialises the work of art as we have understood it until now, and makes it truly eternal. Technology is made of revolutions: this one of "NFT" for art seems to be a real one. And now anyone, not just the wealthy, can become the owner of a unique masterpiece.

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